Sword Art Online II Volume 4: -Mother's Rosario- Standard Edition Blu-ray

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A New Legend is Born in the Long-Awaited Mother’s Rosario Arc!

Hearing rumors about an undefeated player known as Zekken, Asuna decides to mount a challenge. Zekken has been seeking opponents to duel for an ultra-fast 11-hit combo original sword skill. Not a single challenger has been successful so far. Asuna comes very close and is barely defeated. To her surprise, Zekken asks Asuna to join the guild called Sleeping Knights. What is Zekken’s real intention?

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Disc Spec

Spoken Languages: Japanese & English
Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Episodes: Episodes 18-24 (7 episodes)
Number of Disc: 2 Blu-ray discs
Total Run Time: approx. 175 min.
Rating: 13 UP

Bonus Contents

* Audio Commentary by Creators and Japanese Cast
* Special Animation "Sword Art Offline II"
* Original Web Previews
* Textless Opening
* Textless Ending

*Bonus Contents Subject to Change