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Sword Art Online II Volume 2: -Phantom Bullet Part 2- Limited Edition Blu-ray

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The Shocking Finale of the Phantom Bullet Arc!

Kirito is now certain that Death Gun is also a survivor of SAO. And to make things worse, he is most likely an ex-member of the murder guild, Laughing Coffin. As the final tournament of Bullet of Bullets begins, Kirito and Sinon agree to join forces until they identify which player is Death Gun. Through battles, Sinon learns that Kirito also suffers from a traumatic memory from the past. But as Sinon sees Kirito trying to overcome them, she too tries to be strong. As BoB reached its last stage, Kirito suspects that Death Gun may have one or more accomplices in the real world, and they may be targeting Shino Asada as their next target!

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Disc Spec

Spoken Languages: Japanese & English
Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Episodes: Episodes 8-14 & 14.5 (8 episodes)
Number of Disc: 2 Blu-ray discs + 1 audio CD
Total Run Time: approx. 200 min.
Rating: 13 UP

Bonus Contents

* Audio Commentary by Creators and Japanese Cast
* Special Animation "Sword Art Offline II"
* Original Web Previews
* Textless Ending

Bonus Materials & Special Package

* Bonus CD: SAO Radio -USA- by English voice cast: Bryce Papenbrook (Kirito), Cherami Leigh (Asuna), Michelle Ruff (Sinon) and Ben Diskin (Death Gun)
* Exclusive Weiss Schwarz Collectible PR Card
* 24-page Deluxe Booklet
* Postcard Set
* Package illustrated by abec (Original Character Design)
* Clear BD Cases with 2-sided Wraps

*Bonus Contents & Materials Subject to Change